Presenting Well Fed, Well Said Dinner Theater by Seed Art Share

We wear our smart watches to be sure we are on time for that important meeting and catch any last minute, crucial updates from clients. Who has a moment to eat at times.. let alone even worry about where the food is coming from? Grab-n-go can be hard to say no to when you have a backseat full of hungry children… but are you really feeding them by coping out on an ‘easy’ option?

Luckily, Seed Art Share was able to start shedding some light on the conversations surrounding healthy lifestyles to make the word VEGAN seem less of a laugh topic but more so an investment into your life.                                                                              

Veggies were picked from The Well Fed Community Garden a few days prior in order to be washed and prepped for dinner that everyone came for.

 The staff and management did an excellent job dressing up the place for Bastille Day, almost thinking you were in France. Table toppers including fragrant herbs such as lavender and rosemary, celebrity vegan facts, and of course the flag!

Seed Art Share put on three 10-minute acts for an audience, addressing social issues surrounding the art of having a healthy lifestyle.



Guests enjoyed an all VEGAN menu starting off with Salad Niciose, Ratatouille, Mushroom Bourguignon,      HaricotVerts, and Provence Bean Cassoulet followed by the last act and guest speakers Joe & Terry Graedon with People’s Pharmacy. All the food was provided by Irregardless Cafe and of course vegan with gluten-free options. We thank everyone who contributed to making this event happen and all our guests who attended to make this possible.




Thanks to Kimberly, Grayson, and Lindsey for your help.

Artwork in cover photo: Lindsey

Photography: Kimberly and Grayson 

Composed by Savanah