Delivery or Full Service: What’s Best For You?

Catering knowledge might not be your forte! So, here is our guide to help you determine which service is best for you. Is it more convenient for that small business meeting to have a quick meal dropped off or would you rather enjoy the party like a guest?


Full Service                                                                                                                                         

Having a fully staffed event with catering professionals ensures your event goes as smoothly as planned, making your life easier without your extra, hands-on involvement, allowing you to enjoy the party without the setup or clean up!

Expansive menu: While you will always get Irregardless’ best, there is nothing like being able to have exactly what you want. We have lots of choices for all of your catering needs.

Willing Staff: What happens when Mrs. Rogers needs a fork?! Surely you will not have time to thoroughly assist all your guests. Let us handle that. Our staff is highly trained to provide optimal, high quality service from food preparation, serving, and making sure the space is left neater than found!

Clean up: Speaking of cleaning up, one of the best perks of having a full-service staff is letting us take care of that hassle. We clean up after guests throughout the night, along with any messes or spills, while disposing of trash at the end of the event!

Stress free: Nothing beats throwing a successful party except it being stress-free! We do all the heavy lifting, set up, breakdown, clean up and the handling of guests so you don’t have too!

Serving Options: Full service allows you to choose the service style appropriate for your event and your guests.

Cocktail Style: This style of service allows the pleasure of passed appetizers going straight to your guests as they enjoy mingling and conversation by the bar. Cocktail style can also include displayed desserts, appetizers or even fun stations such as a Loaded Mash Potato Bar or a Meat Carving Station!

Plated dinner: Dinner being served by the plate allows for a more creative display, single handedly brought to each guest. Everyone is pampered with dinner being brought to them as no joke is missed at the table! No beat is skipped as your presentation continues while everyone enjoys their freshly, prepared meal!

Buffet: Allowing a more selective option for your guests as they are able to pick and choose as they serve themselves what they would like to eat.



Delivery is perfect for small events or that last minute business meeting. We handle preparing and delivering the food so you can put more energy into other parts of your event.

Perfect for Meetings: Efficiency is always a must for meetings. So having us deliver and set up quickly and leave food ready to eat is a priority to us. It allows you to keep to you timeline and focus on the meeting. Let us focus on the food.

Food is accommodated: We have composed a menu specifically for your delivery needs. We have gourmet sandwiches with vegan and gluten-free options. Also offering hot items, altered to withstand travel, we always provide our best cooked meals.

Delivery Professionals: Your food is delivered by highly trained staff able to set up in a timely manner, keeping staffing charges at a minimal (Means saving you money!)

Budget Friendly:  Having a staffed event means paying servers at a living wage. If having food is the only focus then a delivery is right for you, saving you the most on that monthly business meeting that no one would show up for unless there is lunch!

Compostables: Without having the nuisance of renting serving ware, we send eco-friendly utensils, plates, cups, and napkins to help lessen our impact on our environment by reducing our use of plastics and non-compostable waste and conserving energy.