Crusin’ For Clues Murder Mystery Recap

As summer comes to an end and the leaves begin to fall, guests of The Glenwood were able to attend one last (mock) cruise themed as a Dinner Murder Mystery Theater Show hosted by The Glenwood, Irregardless Catering, and “It’s a Mystery” Theater Troupe!


Our new mates of the cruise ship, The Glenwood, were treated well with antipasta skewers for the vegetarians ( and for vegans without the cheese), Irregardless Signature Fishcakes, and Big City Chicken Tower for our friendly carnivores.

Everyone chose their favorite color or the one that matched their Hawaiian shirt!

We got a sneak peak into the Ballroom before guests boarded ship!

Guests were greeted by our lovely new aquatic friend! I think these ladies deserve a 10/10 for their style. Am I right? I think I’m right!

Our new fish friend comes to join us for cocktail hour to enjoy our freshly prepared appetizers.


Guests were seated at port destinations all over the world 😉 !


An End of Summer Bistro Salad was waiting for patrons at their table.

This is an involved scene of the actors going back and forth in this debacle of a mystery!

I think this is a time we enjoyed a xylophone being played freely!


Everyone had a great cruise and thank goodness nobody got seasick 🙂  We figured out who the cruise ship murder was as the surprise won’t be ruined you will have to catch us at our next one!


Thank you to Irregardless Catering for providing such amazing food.

Thanks to “It’s a Mystery” Theater Troupe for putting on such a hilariously entertaining show!

Special thanks goes out to Irregardless Catering Staff who provided excellent service and management who put in long hours to make this happen!

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