14 Important Things Wedding Planners Do For You

As the EXCITEMENT becomes manageable and you have gotten use to that beautiful ring on your finger, now it is time to think: What’s next?

‘Who should be invited? What should I wear? How will I manage my new in-laws?’

Since you only do this once (hopefully!) there are people who have made making the perfect wedding a career. A professional wedding planner is a person that assists with the planning, designing, and overseeing in order to make this a perfect day.


Here are some of the major tasks you can expect a wedding planner to tackle:

Before the Big Day

. Set up a reasonable budget

. Handle contracts so you can focus on fun stuff

. Select a venue and corresponding designs

. Work out a guest list and decide on the wedding party

. Assist with handling RSVPs

. Book your favorite vendors for music, food, cake, photography and entertainment

. Creates an itinerary for the whole day


The Big Day

. Become a liaison between you and the venue, vendors, and the many working parts

. Follow itinerary to the “T” to make sure your wedding is perfect

. Manage/oversee the venue and all functions so you can enjoy yourself

. Fix any “uh-oh” moment that could distract you from having a great time


After Reception

. Ensure venue is satisfied with cleanliness after the completion of event

. Collect belongings/cards/gifts that may have been left

. End the night with a wonderful exit to send you away


This isn’t the planner’s wedding; it’s yours. While the planner may advocate or make suggestions the final decision is your call. Planners may even assist with the honeymoon planning to create a smooth transition from the wedding day to your vacation! The planner’s ultimate job is to help create, from start to finish, a successful wedding for you and your spouse.

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